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Bulimia eating disorder

By: Mihai Rad

What are the most frequent causes for bulimia?

Clinical depression can often lead to anorexia bulimia, and vice versa. It seems that the importance of a chemical known as Seratonin is quite high, but exact causes and effects have not been determined yet. Bulimia might also appear frequently in relatives of people already suffering from this disorder. Genetics may play a role here, but the family environment is also important. A good bulimia treatment should focus on finding out these facts and narrowing the list down to the triggering factor.

Long-term effects of bulimia

Chaotic eating habits and secret feasts give the bulimic temporary satisfaction. After a short while, however, he or she feels disgusted with their eating and uses different methods of eliminating it. On the long run, this repeated loss fluids and nutrients caused by bulimia can render a body useless, making the patient feel fatigue and apathy. Anorexia bulimia may lead to fatality, if the illness is not take care of. The working capacity of internal organs is severely disrupted by bulimia and an organ failure becomes very likely. Bulimia treatments should be followed strictly, if possible form the early stages of the condition.

Social pressure and bulimia

Modern society imposes a series of rules related to how we look and feel. Many bulimics are affected by outside factors such as social ones and may develop low self-esteem problems. These can soon turn into anorexia bulimia. The obsession with staying thin and dieting may become a serious eating disorder, often metamorphosing into condtions like bulimia or depression.

Symptoms of bulimia

Physical symptoms of bulimia are observed only after a longer period, while psychological indicators can be seen relatively early. The eating self-abuse is usually kept secret by the patient, a fact which makes identification of bulimia even harder. The person suffering from bulimia eating disorder problems will show fatigue and a general state of weakness. With women, loss of menstrual cycles was often observed, as a consequence of the bulimia eating disorder.

Dealing with bulimia The best bulimia treatment is the one you believe in. Since a large part of the treatment is psychological (psychotherapy, support groups etc.) you are the main actor in the play. However, while fighting bulimia, you do not have to burden yourself with all the responsibility. Your doctor and your close ones will play an important part in your recovery and overall bulimia treatment success

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